What We Do

NYS Softech, with over two years of industry experience offers a plethora of professional commercial services such as custom software development, web consultancy, web application development, website maintenance, etc. Some of our expertise includes: Website Development: With a range of tools, our teams have built some of the most vibrant designs, both in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Using elements such as information architecture, graphic designing, and usability testing we offer cost effective solutions for any kind of business out there. Software Maintenance: Our maintenance service offers you quality analysis, timely updates and clever enhancements for improved functionality, and technology advancements. With clear and concise support for your business processes, we help you maximize profits and get on the fast track growth lane. IT and Web Consultancy: With our capable and dedicated IT resources we can support your business needs and activity, and assign each resource by efficiently analyzing your business needs, model, tools, process and methodologies.


Require a simple website? Or a highly functional e-commerce portal? Our company can help you make ANY kind of website portal, Customized Software with a seamless interface and maximum functionality. We can create websites in all domains, i.e. .com, .co.in, .net, .org, etc. One of our most expertise areas, we have a portfolio of satisfied clients, who got more than what they expected, throughout. We use some of the most advanced industry tools such as Drupal or Megento to develop and maintain web platforms. Kindly visit our website: www.nyssoftech.in to look at some of the work we have done in the market.


Already have a website? We can help it more visibility amongst the demographic your company is targeting. SEO is synonymous to virtual brand success and e-marketing and has now become an essential step when porting your business to the online world. With special tools and deep understanding of the SEO algorithms, we help you optimize your digital presence. By using special tools, we push your website rating so that it appears on the first page when a user uses specific key words on famous search engines such as Google. We perform thorough analysis of your business, research their requirements and create a plan of action, which we implement after a final stage of regression tests.


We use this marketing model to direct traffic to your web portal by using your site banners or custom made ads. Our exclusive models help place your ads in areas where the click rate would be the maximum. We can help you design custom digital pamphlets to display your business talent the best possible way. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING In today’s day and age, the world has adopted a new way of engaging in social networking – through social media web portals such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These webssites cater to a user base of millions or users. Information sharing on these websites has become a norm, and various businesses have benefited from marketing on such platforms. We took our time to study these platforms and have come up with marketing strategies bundled with tools to create an environment for your business where all elements and more can be showcased in the most flamboyant way. We can help you make something as straight forward as a Facebook page or an Ad, or something more complex such as a Facebook app or a Twitter feed recorder to market your business.